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Alyssa Neuman Kane

“I never got any “talk” about menstruation or sex, so when those came up in my life, I felt very lost and confused. I ended up feeling ashamed of my period, my body, my sexuality and it took a lot of time and growth to overcome that. It can be so difficult to make the right choices when you don’t have the knowledge base to understand what the correct choices are”

Alyssa Neuman Kane - Teaching Fellow

Alyssa Neuman Kane
Mother and daughter

“Hearing my mother’s story and seeing how thankful she was that I had the privilege to receive this education made me more aware of the resources I have access to. But it also made me realize that receiving a proper education shouldn’t be a privilege; everyone should have access to it because of how important it is.”

GHE Teaching Fellow

Ranjani Sudarsan

“The body image section helped them overcome their insecurities and embrace and feel good about what they are. One girl told me she thought that for the longest time, she thought she didn’t have ant friends because she thought she was not good looking. But after the (body image) session, she learned that, that thought was a mistake.” 

Ranjani Sudarsan - Teaching Fellow

Ranjani Sudarsan
julia granito

“Giving girls and young women the information they need to dictate their own health is a direct challenge to the harmful and systemic gender inequalities that exist at every level of our society. Achieving gender equality is absolutely vital to creating a healthier, more sustainable and more prosperous tomorrow for all of us. This process starts with uplifting the next generation of female leaders and giving them the tools they need to meet their fullest potential”

Julia Granito - Teaching Fellow

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