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A Holistic Approach to Girls’ Health

At Girls Health Ed, we focus on the whole girl, providing a curriculum that emphasizes all aspects of health, including nutrition; physical activity; body image, self-esteem, and goal setting; puberty and personal care; violence prevention, healthy relationships and consent; menstruation; and reproductive health.

What We Teach

What We Teach


Food = fuel

“Everyone enjoys a good snack or meal. But how can we make sure that the foods we enjoy are also giving our bodies the fuel they need to function and do everything they need to do?”

Healthy does not have to be boring! In our Nutrition workshops, girls learn about the various food groups, how they can make their favorite meals even healthier, how to read nutrition labels, and how to have fun and be creative with healthy food.

Nutrition Workshop
Nutrition Workshop
Nutrition Workshop


Physical Activity

Strong Body, Strong Mind

“Let’s get moving! Physical activity doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. Instead, you can turn it into something you look forward to.”

Physical activity can take a variety of forms, which we go over in our Physical Activity workshops. The girls have the opportunity to talk about and even demonstrate the types of physical activity they enjoy doing, and the Teaching Fellows often lead the girls in a group-wide movement-based activity.

physical activity

Body Image, Self-Esteem, & Goal Setting

Embrace Your YOU-niqueness

“When you look in the mirror, what do you see? What are your favorite qualities about yourself? What makes you unique? Where do you see yourself in the future?”

Our Body Image, Self-Esteem, & Goal Setting workshops get girls to reflect upon these questions and more. They learn that their beauty is not just tied to their physical appearance, but also to their internal qualities. Through interactive and creative activities, the girls learn to love who they are regardless of how they look. They also learn how to recognize and cope with eating disorders and disordered eating.

self-esteem workshop
body image workshop
body image workshop


Puberty & Personal Care

Puberty can be confusing, but you’re not alone!

“Puberty sure can be confusing and stressful, but it’s not forever, and you are not alone.”

In our Puberty & Personal Care workshops, the girls learn how to take care of themselves as they deal with the many changes they experience during puberty, from acne to breast development to hair growth to mood swings. They are introduced to good hygiene habits and discuss topics related to romance, sexuality, gender identity, and gender stereotypes.

puberty and personal care


Two thirds of girls around the world have no idea what is happening to them when they begin menstruation. Lack of knowledge about menstruation and menstrual health management is associated with missed days of school and decreased self-esteem.

In our menstruation workshops, the girls learn exactly what is happening in their bodies during their period and why they get their period. They learn how to manage cramps and pains associated with their periods and how to keep track of their menstrual cycle. They are introduced to pads and tampons, how to use them, and how to dispose of them and are presented with environmentally friendly alternatives to pads and tampons. Different colors of period blood and what they mean and issues with menstruation are also discussed. By the end of our Menstruation workshops, the girls are able to distinguish between myths and facts about menstruation.

menstruation workshop

Violence Prevention, Healthy Relationships, & Consent

Girls and young women between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rates of intimate partner violence (IPV)—almost triple the national average.

Unhealthy relationships—romantic or otherwise—are associated with increased risk of substance abuse, eating disorders, risky sexual behaviors, and further unhealthy relationship involvement. Everybody has the right to feel safe and nurtured in their relationships.

In this workshop, girls learn to identify what constitutes a healthy relationship, an unhealthy relationship, and an abusive relationship. They practice effective communication techniques, conflict resolution, and boundary setting. They are introduced to the concept of consent, what it means to give and deny consent, and the various activities that require consent. Given that 73% of teens have a smartphone, the girls also learn about digital safety and how to protect themselves from cyberbullying.

violence prevention workshop

Reproductive Health (ages 12+)

What comes to mind when you hear the word “sex”? This is the first question we ask the girls in our Reproductive Health workshops in order to get them to realize the all-encompassing nature of the term.

In these workshops, they are given the tools to make informed decisions for themselves as to whether they are ready to have sex, and if so, how they will practice safe sex. They are introduced to male and female reproductive anatomy and various contraceptive methods. They learn how to care for their reproductive organs in order to prevent yeast infections, STIs, and similar complications. Rape, sexual assault, and human trafficking are also covered. Finally, the girls learn about the options available to them if they are dealing with an unwanted pregnancy and how to best care for themselves and their babies if they do choose to be pregnant.

reproductivve health

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